The empire that rose too high – a poem by the river

There was an empire tall and rich it was it kept rising higher, higher floating into the skies above Then one day the highest tower began to slowly crumble down little pieces showered until all of the tower reached the ground the buildings above, they followed crumbling apart to hit the earth the sky it … More The empire that rose too high – a poem by the river

Number 23

I was bored a while ago (Not, that I haven’t been bored since then). And a friend was nagging me about which movie we were going to see. As annoying as she is, she can be quite inspiring. So here it goes. “Please, just tell me, what you want.” he begged her and sighed. It … More Number 23

My first post

Hello World This is my first post on world press. Unfortunatly as of right now, I can’t think of anything mind-blowing to write. But don’t worry – I’ll do my best to do so in future. I haven’t earned it yet, but hopefully, one day I will be able to call myself a writer. When … More My first post