You have imagination => Use it

Imagine – just imagine yourself sitting in an old chair. A really old, stinky, creeky chair. Your first own flat, a big window to look outside at the new world awating you. Don’t let doubts or insecurities get in the way of the image. Imagine yourself get up from this chair and step downstairs onto the busy street. There are thousands – millions in fact – just so many people waiting out there. Thousands of lives still pending to collide. Imagine what kind of interesting people you will meet in your lifetime to come. There are billions of poeple on this planet, billions of minds, billions of ideas, of views, interests, opinions. It would burst your head to consume all of that pure brilliance.

Imagine yourself walking along the street. To yourself, you are walking along the street. To someone else, you’re the person with the heavy steps. Some other person may fall in love with your appearance – or your just your shoes. You are everything. Combine every image anyone has ever made of you. You would not be just three-dimensional. The dimensions of your being would never end.

So what an excitement it is, sitting in this old chair. A whole world ahead of you. Time speeding all around. Billions of people, billions of lives, billions of stories awaiting you. So many images to enlighten you, so many ideas. If you chose to, you see everything. You are everything. Change, and the world will change with you. Isn’t it fantastic? Just imagine.


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