Study session (kill me now)


What is it with men and their egos, their long explanations, “making a point”. Well then get to the point, if you’d be so kind?! I see no sense in solving a matter by boring someone to death, especially when you won’t accept an approving lie for an answer. They have to be completely sure, that the person you’re talking to doesn’t just nod and say: “Yes, I see now, you’re right.“ They want that person to actually mean it. But if you’ve been making your point for the last five hours, it can’t just be the person you’re talking to doing something wrong. Maybe, just maybe you’re the one, doing something wrong – just a tiny bit.

There are some people – not just men – who seem to think that, naturally, they are always in the right and everyone else is just too primitive to understand the logic behind gods big plan.

They have this look on their face that screams: “OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO DUMB I WOULD RATHER KILL MYSELF THAN SPEND ANOTHER MINUTE IN HERE WITH YOUR EMPTY BRAIN!”, instead of just leaving the room, avoiding an argument. If they have a problem – it’s their problem.
We are all individuals. Sometimes our problems overpower us and we need assistance from someone else. But in the end. It’s
your problem.


So getting back to making a point. Is it the problem of the person you’re talking to, when you are frustrated and impatient, wondering why this is taking so long, or is it actually your own problem.


And do you know what you do when you have a problem? You solve it.


Wow, that didn’t even take 5 minutes.


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