Why do we choose hell-hounds?

In almost every love song it is about people being happily in a relationship, getting over a break-up, dealing with unrequited love. All that stuff.

Mostly, it’s the people who were left, not the people leaving, it seems, who write those songs.

No one sings about how love turns you into a psychological wreck. No one sings about the pressure, the fears. The only time they mention those things is when they admit making a mistake by breaking up.

Well, what if you don’t want to go back, what if you know your decision was the right one to make. But what if you’re left in a mess and no one seems to notice? What if you’ve come to the conclusion that you never want to put your psychological stability (poetically speaking it’s the heart) at risk that way ever again. Nobody sings about that. They’re all saying: “Hey, go out there, live, love, break, die, live again and so on until you’re 90!” Why can’t somebody write a song, that sometimes, it’s just better to love your friends, your family, your cat. Why do you need anyone else? I must say right now I prefer the safe type of love. Not one, where you feel like you’re swaying on a one way rope, no return possible, and on the other side there are hell-hounds barking at you, followed by their spit, with big fireball coming from bellow.

All that stuff.


One thought on “Why do we choose hell-hounds?

  1. we choose hell hounds because we need to grow. We cannot go through life avoiding pain, for then our world will be small, very small. We need to embrace life, and experiences. If that means we fall in love, and that love ends, then that is life. We pick up the pieces and move on, hopefully a little wiser this time, but we will love again. Do not allow one bad experience to make you turn inwards. Live your life to the full. Love freely and one day you will find someone special and all the previous experiences will have prepared you for him, and all will make sense.

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