We seem to suck

I am angry. I’m angry at the world, for being so stupid and I’m angry at earth, who created such a pointless species as mankind. Yes, sure, we invented light bulbs and electricity. We invented nuclear plants and machine guns. What good has that done for the earth?

All the other species, the bees, the birds, the fish, the trees; they all have their purpose in keeping the eco-system in balance. But we humans are selfish. We just take and all that we give back in return is methane gas and nuclear waste. We can’t even take care of our own race. We don’t know how to deal with our own inventions. We invented money, we invented wealth. Great, now there are people wearing Dolce & Gabana swimsuits in there own pool while just on the other side of the fence, someone has to starve to death because he can’t even afford bread, the kind, that you feed to the ducks when you can’t be bothered to eat it yourself. We invented guns, so we could blow each others brains out, leaving orphans and wreckage. We invented a system, that is so complicated, nobody gets it, which is why everything is falling apart. We always thing something half way through and deal with the consequences later.

  • „Weheey look at me, I can build a nuclear plant!“ „What do you do with the waste, dad?“ „Oh hey, son, well let’s just put it in the ground and deal with it later. Dinner’s ready.“

  • „Weehey look at me I can kill someone even faster now with this automated machine gun! Of course, it would suck if that happened to me. Fire away!“

  • „Yay, the new diet pills are working! Who cares if some rat has to sit in a cage all day, getting stuffed with pharmaceuticals, as long as I’m getting thinner, right?“

Let’s face it. We suck.


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