Soup (just a thought)

Do you know what confuses me?


It’s false, it’s indecisive. So is it food or drink?

You don’t chew it, you drink it – but with a spoon. And mostly you have another drink with it. It’s like having two drinks at once. And then of course there is soup with various substantial ingredients in it, like rice, pasta, sausages, peas – I don’t know. People like putting all sorts of food in their soup and watching it bob around in the liquid.

Maybe, secretly, they dream of being at sea…

But anyway, we don’t trust liars and pretenders and people who can’t make their mind up, do we? So why should I trust soup?

There are just too many open questions.

  • Is it food, is it drink?
  • Is it trying to fill you up?
  • Or is it trying to take away your thirst?
  • Or is trying to deceive us?

Let’s face it, my friends, soup is the king of all pretenders.

It cannot be trusted.


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