Welcome to Amsterdam

We arrive in the city center. The first thing you see; tall, historic buildings, with a different roof, colour and door each. We get off the tram and realise that there are two things you mostly to get hit by in Amsterdam:

Trams and bikes.

There are hardly any cars budging their way through the columns of bikes, trams, people and bridges.

We sit down for a drink outside. An old jazz group and a soft-hearted rock-singer with a preference for Snow Patrol compete for our attention. One of the essential things about a city: Music everywhere.

Later, we are guided through busy streets filled with speedy good-looking people. Everywhere you look is something – at least – that catches your eye. If it’s the gay sex shop or an ancient church, playing a melody of bells.

We walk on and on, through quiet patches too.

Tourists – obvious ones – follow you everywhere you go. Japanese taking pictures, Brits going shopping.

As the hours fall, Amsterdam’s nightlife begins to reveal itself.

People gather in bars and clubs, all young, all exclusive. Or is the evening the time to visit the red light district? Young half-naked women trying to lure you and your money in through a glass window – like dolls.
Adverts and sexshops tempting your mind to wonder into consideration. But don’t worry, you have an excuse to visit the district. After all, it’s one of the biggest tourist attractions in Amsterdam.

While other cities ignore, even deny these areas, the city of Amsterdam seems to embrace it.

Welcome to a place that welcomes liberty. I wonder why this has never been named “the city that never sleeps” as it seems that there is always someone, somewhere – restless.




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