New to Dreieich (somewhere near Frankfurt Main, but not too close)

Some people live in cities that never sleep. I live in a city that does sleep – a lot.

The other weekend I was cycling home from a friend’s house around midnight. Except for some other people going home on the occasional bus and one drunk guy who just lay on a bench at the bus stop (it was a warm night, don’t worry) making strange noises, the place was completely silent. No cars on the main road, no wish- to-be-cool-by-listening-to-brain damaging-music-in-massive-volume-kids about.

And it’s not a very free willing city either. I was cycling on the pavement on time, going to school, because I didn’t want to get hit by a car, when this elderly gentlemen yelled after me: “You can do that when you’re nine!”

What he was telling me was that I’m too old to be cycling on the pavement. I have have had several encounters with elderly people, telling me what I’m doing wrong, mostly cycling on the pavement. I’m such a law-breaker, aren’t I? Fierce.

Anyway, what else? Oh yes. When I say I live in the city of Dreieich I’m not being completely honest. I mean, I live there, but it is not a city. It doesn’t even have a center. It’s basically a big area combining four towns, but center. Every one of these towns has a sort of a center, I suppose. One has a street, where find all the shops this place has. Another has an old town, the other has a very short main street in an old-town-style and the last one…well, I’ve never really been there, because it’s about thirty minutes away from where I live.


There is a time when this city awakes (except for the elderly, who stay in bed). One thing I have learnt in these past two years of living here: They love a good party.

Every year they must celebrate at least twenty parties.

Some are: Fasching (you know, that thing where you dress up and celebrate the changing of the seasons), Kerb (an old tradition to let the boys have fun one last time before they join the army. Nowadays it’s just drinking and dancing, especially as you don’t have to join the army anymore) and the Burgfest (A medieval party in the old town – it has a ruin from an old castle – of town number two, where everyone dresses up as knights, wenches, wizards and princesses).

And if for once there happens to be nothing on in good old Dreieich, there’s loads happening in Frankfurt or Darmstadt. In Frankfurt they have the Dippemess (it comes from the regional Hesse-Accent and has something to do with pots…) and the Mainuferfest (a funfair along the river Main) and this weekend they had the Museumsuferfest which is also along the Main, because that is where all the Museums are. I believe you get to visit all the museums for free or a reduced price.
Oh and the Christmas market and the Italian week (they sell Italian food…) and all sorts!

So, actually, there’s loads going on!

Except right now, because it’s about to rain.

Enjoy life 🙂

Sincerely, a Newby


3 thoughts on “New to Dreieich (somewhere near Frankfurt Main, but not too close)

    1. Well thank you 🙂 Yes it is. Especially the people. They go from german proto-type uptight and hard to understand to very crazy, happy, jolly. I have also noticed they are quite dramatic, which causes amusement from time to time (on my side).

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