I saved an insect today :)

People are so sadistic sometimes and they don’t even know it. They are so cruel, when it all seems so natural to them.

Maybe it’s me – the pacifist vegetarian who forgives a wasp if it stings me (think about, it hurt for an hour, death is eternal) – but anyway, I find killing a spider or even cockroach is still murder, even if you don’t get pulled to justice for it.

I saw a man kill a wasp in a bus once. It was quite  traumatic. But it was even worse that I didn’t do anything to stop him. There he went slapping the wasp with his lotto ticket until it was very dead.
I wished for a swarm of hornets to descend on him that very same day, but I don’t suppose that really happened.

Anyway, since that day I carry a cup with me. If I would have had a cup then, I could have covered it, shoved a piece of paper underneath and carried it out of the bus, unharmed, happy day. 

And today my cup finally got the chance. I think it was politics lesson, where a flying insect that seemed very comfortable with being around people (that sentiment was not requitted) was buzzing about the classroom and landed in my hair (I’m glad it was my hair) and just as I had untangled it from my hair, the girl next to me raised her book to kill it, when my cup hurried to the rescue! I didn’t even have to shove a piece of cardboard underneath the cup, as the insect happily crawled onto the edge. I carried it to the window and it flew away.


But you see, what I don’t understand is why we kill insects. I get the impression that people think they are gross and therefore want them to go away, e.g. kill them. But there are many people who are quite unpleasant to look at, to have around. Should I kill them? If I killed everyone I didn’t like, the school would be half empty I think.

If you really hate insects – I mean really hate them, then I am very sorry for you. But if you too see even a glimpse of unfairness in killing a randomly buzzing by bee, then you should carry a cup too. Just because human invented cars and nuclear energy (yay us) that doesn’t make us better than anything else in this world which was – by the way – here first.

Just a thought, you know.


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