Like Peter Pan – or Timmy Turner, but with rules and no elves :(

Everyone says that the time we spend at school will be the easiest of our lives.

I have never been anywhere else, so I can’t agree nor deny that statement. But honestly, right now, I’m so sick of it.

I finished school in Switzerland (9 years in total) and straight after we moved to Germany, where I repeated 9th grade and moved on to the “Oberstufe” which is like A-Levels or the thing you do before university. Now am in my second year of “Oberstufe” and it has 3. We have only just started, but all the time I catch myself thinking that I don’t want to do this anymore. It’s been 12 years of school (I don’t see why people would want to become teachers after all that) I can’t wait to get out. I want to move out, work, travel. But as long as I can’t decide what I really want to do I can’t definitely finish school.

We have 2 advanced courses and 7 normal ones. I chose German and English for my advanced courses.
(That is only partially correct. I wanted to choose french, but most Germans hate french so they cancelled it. Then the only thing left that was sort of my thing was German).

But I have to say, I’ve had 3 weeks of school so far. And I hate it. I honestly can’t imagine doing another 2 years of this dry getting up at 6, dragging myself to school, sitting through hours of knowledge that seems to be dublicating every day and dragging myself back home again, where I may do homework and prepare for tests.

I have to say, I like discussing and interpreting, writing and expressing opinions. But somehow – I’m not sure how – the ministry of culture (they set up all the lovely rules for our school) manages to ruin everything. There are rules on how to analyse a poem that was written in the romantic era, where people longed for a break from routine and rationality. Where the appealed to feeling, nature and spirituality. Rules and routine were things they rejected!
So why do we have to have a system and think about everything the poets from the romantic era might have wanted to symbolise or when they wanted to swing in a metaphor!
I am convinced – I would give my life for this, I swear – that Novalis did not sit at his wooden desk and think of how exactly he would structure his next work of art and what tools he would build in.
A poet – especially one from the romantic era – would write with only feeling and rhythm in mind. Not a bloody personification or how many times you pronounce a letter.

There will be enough rules in life that I will have to stick to. But please do not tell me how to read a poem. Do not tell me if I have to take something literally or not.

The poets of the romantic era said that poetry is an art – an infinite art that cannot be defined.
What we do in school seems disrespectful and dull and NOT what they were aiming at a few hundred years ago.

I could go on and on about all the rules that sneak into every part of our lives, all the the formalites, the obligatry duties and so on. I was raised to have my own opinion, to tell people what’s on my mind and now I’m just supposed to except that a ministry of culture – who’s members have apparently never been to school before or a simply too old to remember – can ruin everything and make me hate school even more.
I’m so sick of it it almost makes me cry during class.

Der Maler soll nicht bloß malen, was er vor sich sieht, sondern auch, was er in sich sieht. Sieht er aber nichts in sich, so unterlasse er auch zu malen, was er vor sich sieht.

Caspar David Friedrich

A painter should not only paint what he sees before him, but what he sees in himself.

For if he does not see anything in himself, then he should deny painting anything at all.


2 thoughts on “Like Peter Pan – or Timmy Turner, but with rules and no elves :(

  1. It’s a sad commentary that too often people (including teachers) forget that we are supposed to be teaching students and children HOW to think, not WHAT to think. I took a poetry class in college and I absolutely hated it. It ruined the poetry for me. So what if I got something different from the poem than my instructor? Isn’t that the point? As a writer, I don’t expect all of my readers to get the same thing from my writing.

  2. My german teacher last year was good. He’s young and asked us challenging questions, asking us about what we thought. We would have discussions going on for an hour involving practically everyone in the class. He made even the most boring books interesting…I want him back :/ now I don’t look forward to german anymore..

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