Shaking it up a tiny bit

Everyday I go to school, others go to work or sleep until 3. However we all follow a particular routine, which is fine as otherwise most of us would be quite confused all of the time. In our routine we great our friends and colleagues, sit with the people we know.

Everyone else will just walk right past you and you will walk right past them. It’s like you never existed.

Today I was riding to school (on my bike, not a horse) when a little girl stopped and looked at me – and smiled. I was slightly startled. I didn’t know her. But she consistently smiled at me and so I smiled back. In fact, it left me smiling for a few more seconds after I’d passed her.

And what I do sometimes is to walk past people and just make a noise, just to amuse them. Or just say hello to wake them up from their constant thoughts.

Why not try it? Didn’t you always want to have the “element of surprise”? Well, there you have it 🙂 What does it matter, if you look like a fool when you try to surprise someone? They wouldn’t have known you anyway.

Try it 🙂



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