My older sister – like feeding a dragon

My sister is almost 4 years older than me, she’s a role model and my greatest nightmare. I respect her and we tend to rely on each other (except with money) and I know what not to tell her.

Now, my sister has this tendency to try and compete with me. She tries to win by introducing ultimatums.
For example:

  • If I grow taller than her, she will chop off my feet.
  • If I move out before her, she might have to kill me (or it simply won’t happen)
  • If I apply for a part-time job at the same place as her, I will sincerely regret it. (She told me this, after she’d found I’d applied at a shop a few months ago that she was about to apply to).

Now, some sisters are different. They have an equal relationship, disregarding the age difference. My sister and I are not like that. She’s older. She makes the orders. That’s her ideal view of things. I don’t follow all of her orders, but I know which ones to regard.

So, I’m looking around trying to find a place to do my studies. Neither of us are really sure, where we will study, but we’re both sort of aiming for the same city. Now, she looses her temper when she finds out I applied at the same shop as her (with a 3 month gap). What will she do when she finds out I might apply in the same city as her?

For now, I won’t tell her, because I’m not sure yet and neither is she. I hope one of us changes her mind…


2 thoughts on “My older sister – like feeding a dragon

  1. I think the chances of both of you being in the same city are less than 50%. You will be fine. And if by chance you are both in the same city then at least she will be a little older and wiser by then.

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