Being stood up for the first time – Or: It just isn’t my day today.

I was going to make this blog post about how I sat in a café for half an hour, waiting for someone, but on the way to the computer I walked into a door. 

I’ve decided it isn’t my day today.

First: I woke up with a slight sore throat, but I had singing lesson, so I started to sing to get myself warmed up. I am aware that that was not a wise choice, because I then received a text message from my dragon sister: “Shut up!!!!!!”

It was 12 o’clock and she was still in bed. By the way, her room is the one opposite mine (referring to the text message). So I stopped singing, but it put me in a bad mood for a bit.

Then, about one half an hour later, my dear, dear ex-boyfriend started talking to me on skype. Now, I don’t mind it, if he starts to talk to me, I’m practically over it and it’s actually a few months ago since we broke up, but now I’m no longer madly in love with him I notice all the things that annoy me. He’s always so jolly when we chat. He starts a conversation with: “Good Morrow!” and goes on with : “I am sooooo excited for going to Scotland!!” He told me before that the Scottish part of the family would make him drink a lot and he hopefully wouldn’t end up lost in the Highlands somewhere. (As if!) Anyway, before I get too caught up on that subject, let’s proceed.

Singing lesson went well, so that’s good.

Then I came home to find my sister had stolen my laptop (because hers is broken and she is broke) and my mother was in my room tidying up. Let’s just say I was working up to that anyway.

Later in the afternoon I rode my bike to a café where I was supposed to meet a friend of mine. I was early and I know she is late on most occasions. So I ordered a drink and waited. We were supposed to meet at 5 p.m. At 5.30 p.m. I left. I couldn’t reach her on her phone either. I’m not angry at her. She called a few minutes ago and explained that the train was late and her phone isn’t working and that she’s really sorry. I’m just glad nothing bad happened.
But I have to say it is quite humiliating, being stood up. Especially if you have nothing to do while you’re waiting. I kept thinking to myself: “Had I only brought my notebook.” I mean one with paper, not a computer.

However, I returned home with a heavy feeling in my stomach. Yes, I would call it humiliation.

And just now I hit my knee on the edge of a door. I’m fine – but it hurt.

Un-/fortunately my day is not over yet. Around 8 p.m. I’m going to see a friend and his band play. But I’ll try and stay optimistic and try not to think about being squashed by a crowd, hit by a bus or someone steeling my purse.

But I won’t say it can’t get any worse either, because it could. But for optimism’s sake: It can only get better!




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