Building a character

I write stories with my friends sometimes and we all have our separate character.

When I create a character I think about who they are. What defines them, where they come from, what they want, their principles and so on. That way I know how they will react in different situations, what they will end up wishing for, how they speak.

When I read a book I hardly ever regard the description of a character. If I imagine a character as a blond, she will be blond, even if the author described her as tanned and with dark hair.

Okay, if it is a superficial story where it’s all about the looks then I pay more attention to the outside of a person.

But a person’s eyes won’t tell you what your character will say, won’t show you a characters limits.

For example: Anna.

Someone called Anna has dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin and a wide smile.

She is quite shy and tries not to laugh in public, because she snorts sometimes.

She’s the dreamer type, is someone who would easily fall in love, in fact, she’d be naive enough to forgive any mistakes. I couldn’t say what field she works in. But she’s not an artist, maybe a scientist. 

But you might imagine Anna differently. Maybe she is this confident red-head with a body-to-die-for. Or maybe she is an aging librarian who wears too much make-up.

In reality people can’t look deep inside you and guess all of your hopes and desires – but in writing it’s not all about the looks.


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