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Well, Daphne challenged me and nine others to write ten things about myself.

I might have trouble challenging another ten (since I don’t know ten bloggers yet). But I will do my best 🙂


1. Before I realised I was into writing, it was my deepest wish to act next to Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Carribean 2 or 3.

2. Since I had my first boyfriend I can’t watch anything too gory anymore, now I even cry when watching movies. That never used to happen. (well, thanks for that -.-)

3. I used to have a cat called Lucy.

4. It is my greatest, most unrealistic wish to go to the magical place of Narnia.

5. I see every number with a particular color. (for example: 1 is dark green, 2 is bright yellow, 18 is black)

6. Although I no longer aim to act professionally, I wish I could just act in one movie. (preferably alongside Johnny Depp or David Tennant – or Orlando Bloom :P)

7. After my studies I want to become active in human rights. Ideally I want to found an organisation that works against the many problems surrounding domestic violence.

8. I believe that words can move and occasionally change a person – and I want to be able to do that someday.

9. My maths teacher looks like my ex-boyfriend (sucks)

10. I’m obsessed with garlic and ceasar salad – my family hates me for it.

So there’s 10 things you probarbly didn’t know about me. Not sure if you cared 🙂 But ah well.

So here are other people I want to know more about (not sure how that will work)

Okay that will have to do, I’m really trying here! 🙂


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