So much for my perfect presence

School started about 4 weeks ago. I am someone who gets sick every 2-3 weeks or so and I was really proud to have “survived” 2 flu-waves already. But now, when nobody is ill, I’m hit 😦

Why? I was doing so well. I bet it’s Karma or something like Murphy’s Law. About a week ago I said how glad I was I wasn’t sick and about a day before I got sick I said it again. And tadaa: The flu. I’ve had it all week-end.

But anyway I will try and go back to school tomorrow.

Of course this had to happen, when my parents are out of town and especially my sister.

My sister hates my singing and just when she is gone I got a cold and a really sore throat. Why?

What did I do to deserve this?


Okay…the last sentence was very needy and well…okay…I’m almost done feeling sorry for myself (terrible characteristic).
Merry Monday^^


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