Why pinappleflavouredpeople? Why?

First of all, I would like to apologise (even though you might not even be offended yet) for posting so much today. As I said before I’m ill and my brain is in all the wrong places and nowhere at all.

However, I thought I should explain why I chose pinappleflavouredpeople as my blog-name.

I realise it’s pineapple, not pinapple. I swear, I tried to change it, but I was not able too. So it is a simple mistake, it has no deeper meaning and my name isn’t Pina (although I wish it was…).

Oh, but I DO love peanuts – incase that changes anything.

So why pineapple in the first place? Well, I really like pineapple. I do have a slight allergic reaction every time I eat fresh pinapple or drink pineapple juice – my tongue swells up and I get a lisp – but it’s worth it! I do like pineapple…even more than I like peanuts…now I think about I like a lot of things that start with P. Peas, peanuts, pinapple, peppers, (not pork – I’m a vegetarian), the name Pina, Paolo Nutini…

Anyway…so moving on: Flavouredpeople.

Hm. Honestly, I can’t remember. Back then I must have had my reasons – but they have gone with the wind. But I don’t mean myself. It’s people – not person – and not me. But I don’t know who. Anyway that’s all I can say about my name right now…maybe one day I’ll remember more.



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