Everyone’s at it

Why do people start wars?

For land, for gold, for oil – out of pride, for their religion, for their right – out of pure ignorance.

In the past few months I’ve seen news reports about several bombs being found from the second world war.

One in Munich in august; it couldn’t be defused and they let it explode. A few weeks ago in Darmstadt, I was in the city at the time, but I missed all the action – it could be disarmed. And today, it couldn’t be disarmed and they let it explode.

Moving on: Afghanistan: 13 people died today because of a suicide bomber and a film. A film. 13 lives lost because of a film. I’m sorry, I can’t get over that sentence somehow. A film.

Anyway, it seems that bombs are the worst invention in human history.

What I also just saw on the news: Japan and China arguing about a group of islands in the Chinese sea. Why? Because there is oil. People in China are protesting in front of the Japanese Embassy, one protester even told the media that they would not have their land be taken away from them. They would go to war, if they had to.

Really? Because of oil? Would you kill someone so you can drive your car? I realise that there are many things that are made of oil, but war? War for cars. Deaths for a film.

What is wrong with human kind? What is wrong with us?

Why is everyone so angry? Wake up – or do you want to be the next great tragedy students will read about in their history books? The teacher will say something along the lines: We know now not to make that mistake again. Oh really? Because world war one and two, civil wars, colonisation (a war for land and freedom) and every other war and slaughter haven’t taught us enough already?

I’m not angry – okay, I am a bit – but it’s more like I’m sad. The world is burning and people keep fanning it – enraging it even more.

Where is all that education? All that knowledge? What point is there in studying if in moments like this people block out all that they know and let their pride take over? 



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