We all have some kind of bad habit. Some people smoke, some pick their skin, some get aggressive.

I bite my nails.

I’m not proud of it and I know that it looks gross, but yesterday evening my fifth (well, don’t know, never really counted) attempt to stop failed.

I’ve tried disgusting nail vanish, I’ve tried sitting on my hands, I’ve tried plasters – nothing works long term. I realise that first of all I need the will to stop. And I do, really, but I might not always have the patience or the strength to resist the urge.

I think what it could be is a way to deal with stress – or boredom. And it’s also a way of cleaning. With nail vanish on them for example they seem dirty and I have to remove it. But even without nail vanish they look dirty, so I do my best to remove the dirt even if it mean biting the nail off.

For someone who isn’t farmiliar with the habbit that must sound really disgusting – I am sorry.
But I am making you part of my road to recovery!

So, what I am going to do, is make a tiny blog entry every day from today to tell you how I’m getting on. I will be completely honest and if you can be bothered you may comment (boo hiss or well done). After publishing this post there is no going back.

I will do this. I am determined.

Um…don’t drink and drive, or text and drive, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much, eat enough healthy stuff, engage in a healthy social life, save the planet –  and don’t bite your nails!


4 thoughts on “Habites

  1. I do something pretty similar. I don’t actually bite my nails, I sorta pick at them with my other nails. But it has much the same effect. I’ve tried not doing it, but my hands do it so instinctively that I don’t notice. >.< Anyway, good luck with your recovery! 😀 I'll definitely be watching the progress. 🙂

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