I want a polaroid camera

I’m a teenager, I have one of those fancy smartphones, I have a laptop (I’m on the main PC right now, because my sister has borrowed mine), I have a facebook account and I have an online blog.

Let’s say I’m keeping up with my generation – but you certainly won’t find me in the front rows.

When I was younger I always wanted one of those Macs, the colourful ones with and apple, they were small and square and really in fashion. I didn’t know what made them so special, I just wanted one because of the colour and the apple image on the front. But of course my mother never got us one. She didn’t let us have a phone until we really needed one (as in going to school in a different town for example). She never bought me that big house from playmobil I so desperatly wanted either. She did that right in her education (among other things of course).

There are people my age who have the newest Iphone, but honestly, I never liked the Iphone. I didn’t like the look of that funny flat square thing (okay, now I have a smart phone, but it’s a sony). However, I see people chasing after everything that’s new: Music, gadgets, fashion, language.

Seriously, I go on holiday for two weeks, come back and there are five new words out there that I may never have heard of, but everyone uses them.

“Modern music”, in my opinion, isn’t really music. I don’t mean modern musicians who make “normal” music – after all, it’s not their fault when they were born – but that brainless party music that bangs in your ears wherever you go. Does anyone ever listen to the lyrics? Apparently everyone has turned deaf – or maybe I’m one of the few who cares for lyrics that at least make sense.

Oh, what really annoys me are these songs that are five minutes long but have three lines, summed up, just constantly repeated throughout the song. That’s why I really value good, real talent in music.

I like older music too. Goodness, one girl said that Elvis was boring. ELVIS! ELVIS?! I’m telling you that girl is doomed.

Right now, I’m listening to fabulous “Ring, Ring” by ABBA, which smoothly brings me to my next point:

(Tatatata) Phones.

Nowadays phones aren’t phones. They are computers too and they are a way of amusement. I don’t mind it, but I once saw a guy and a girl in a restaurant (I assume on a Date) and he was just on his Smartphone all the time, checking facebook or something, showing her things. She looked soooo impressed. It’s like we have so many new ways to communicate we forget the old ones that have proved themselves for centuries. 
Can’t remember a persons eyecolour? Don’t worry, just look at their profile on facebook. But beware! They might have edited their picture.

I’m not very focused on brands. For example I don’t see the point in those Ice Watches, just because everyone has them. In fact, I wouldn’t buy one BECAUSE everyone has them. I’m quite scared off by hypes. For example the twilight books. I never read them because everyone was going on about them. I  never read Harry Potter either (I know, shame on me). I won’t read Panem either. I will never buy an Iphone – simply because everyone is so crazy about it. 

I remember when I used to take one of those yellow Kodak cameras on holiday with about 250 shots or so. Or one of those cool polaroid cameras. I could never handle those though because I kept putting my finger on the ink before it could dry.

Or one time, in a shop, I saw a lamp with a hoop around it. This hoop had cut out shapes of a rider and when the lamp was one and the hoop would turn, you could see a rider on his horse, in motion, projected onto the wall. It was the same image as The horse in motion by Eadweard Muybridge.
I would have loved to buy the lamp (but it was slightly expensive).

Anyway, I have a typewriter now, a Triumph Gabriele 25. It’s from the 1970’s and need a new ink ribbon, then it’s good to go. However: It’s so great! I’ve always wanted a typewriter! I mean: It’s a typewriter! It’s so old!

Just like old paper – I love the smell of old paper.

Okay, well, I think I’ve made it clear that I love old things. Just think about the story each of these objects bring with them. I wonder who sat at my typewriter in the 1970’s. I wonder, I wonder…



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