Habites – Day two

I’ve survived this morning without biting my nails, though I admit I have been nibbling on the sides. It could have been worse though, considering we wrote the first test of the year today (History: French revolution) and we were all quite nervous. But instead of biting my nails I found a healthy alternative. I ate a crunchy apple 😀

I have another motivation too, actually. My friend wants to stop smoking, so now she smokes about 2 a day, which is better, and I hope soon she can fully stop. But I can’t go about telling her to stop and stay strong, if I can’t stop biting my nails. Especially because her addiction is physical and psychologial, mine is only psychological. (My nails don’t contain nicotine).

The next few weeks will be a challenge, because there are many exams coming up with lots of time pressure. My nails are quite endangered around that time. So, I will try not to nibble and then maybe it will work out.

I can do this! I will do this! And by the way, all the smokers out there: Stop it. (thought I might mention it)



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