What to think – A scene that slipped out of my fingers

“It’s nice and dusty in here anyway.” she said sarcastically as she looked around the musty cupboard room. “And nice and tight.” he added and closed the door behind himself. She sighed and raised her finger. “If you touch me, I will thrust my fist everywhere, where it hurts the most.” He grinned. “I’ve missed you.”
“Well I didn’t waste a single thought on you.” she hissed bitterly. “And yet you agreed to join me in this grubby cupboard.”
“Yes, why are we here?” she asked impatiently, stepping back as far as she could.”
“I needed a little privacy.” he answered. “Well, we’re surrounded by insects and bacteria unknown to man, but if that’s what you call privacy, fine.”
“Well, yes, that and I needed to find a place, you couldn’t run away from as soon as I opened my mouth.”
“If I wanted to get out of here, all I’d have to do is to kick you in the balls and pass.”
“Yes and I feel perfectly honored, that you haven’t done that.”
“Yet.” she added. He smiled and looked at her through the dusty air. “So what I need to tell you is that” he paused and looked at her impatient face. Maybe he was just taking a moment to really be sure, on what he was suggesting. “I love you.” he said and she really did feel like kicking him in the balls and passing for a moment, until her conscience reminded her that that wasn’t something a woman would usually do. She would either throw herself in his arms or stutter about, trying to tell him as kindly as possible that it wasn’t going to happen. But she was no regular woman. She knew that and so did he. In fact, if he did know that, why in hell would he tell her something like that. As, morally speaking, using violence wasn’t the best way to deal with this kind of situation, she just said: “I would like to pass now.” He sighed. “I need an answer.”
“Well, you didn’t exactly ask me a question, did you.”
“Ok, fine. I love you, is that ok for you?”
“Well, of course it’s ok for me. You’re allowed to do whatever you like. Not much I can do about it, is there?” he sighed. “I need to know, if I were to kiss you right now, if you would let it happen or if you would hurt me in parts we do not speak of.” She considered his question. “That’s hard to say. I suppose it would be a reflex and reflexes can’t really be foreseen.” He sighed again and just hoped for the best. He kissed her. And surprisingly enough she didn’t kick or hit him, not even bite him. She just let herself be kissed by this strange man she’d known for years and only recently even considered him a friend. He took a step back and opened the door. “Think about it.” he said and left her alone in the cupboard room. She was sort of startled. She didn’t know what to think about. He hadn’t said anything, he’d just kissed her. What was she supposed to think about? This was one of the few situations in her life, where she didn’t have the slightest idea, what on earth there was to do.


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