Habites – Day eleven

Alright I admit it; I’m neurotic.

When my hands feel dirty, I bite them. I nibbled today, I’m afraid, but they’re nice and clean now.

Oh and when you’re in need: The nail file is your friend.

I don’t really have the best job for my “condition”. I go dog-walking, which is a great way to earn money! I take a dog for a walk and get paid for it.

I love animals and dogs are great. Her name is Bonita and she’s an “Old German Shepherd”. She’s great, obedient and friendly. Thing is, she drools. She could fill a bucket a day with her drool. So she has this rubber ring that I throw for her and it’s not just that the ring is then all wet and sticky and slimy, but that all sorts of things stick to it. I’ve got used to it and it doesn’t bother me really. But when it’s hot outside she really goes for it. So when I get home I always have to wash my hands with soap.

Don’t understand this the wrong way. She’s fantastic and always really excited to see me. Every time I see her I then decide to take the long way round instead of the short way, because I felt tired before.

Bonita has short hair and is definitely not a puppy anymore, but this picture is just adorable 🙂

I  take her for a 40-50 minute walk on Tuesdays and every day for the next week. I just wanted to let you know…

I seem to prefer animals over small children. Animals are much easier to train than children…


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