Habites – Day thirteen

Good news: No biting or nibbling today! I started off with a late start to school which generally has a positive effect on me and I understood maths.
For some reason (no reason at all really) my dad started going on about maths at home and my good mood was gone.

Back in May I published a post about a study session – Study session (kill me now) – I had with someone who does a similar thing as my father. I’ve learned never to ask either of them for help again – but they seem to want to share their knowledge anyway. Isn’t that great? You don’t even have to ask them.

By now I’m quite good a pretending that I’m listening, but I still hear this constant buzz in the background. And the worst thing was, I’d just come home from school of which the last lesson was maths.

So anyway 🙂 My nails had the chance to grow today and so did I (hopefully).


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