What would you do?

We live in a quite expensive world, if you ask me. As a teenager I’m constantly broke. (I am saving up and earning now).

On my theatre trip we sat in two circles, one facing the other, always changing positions. We had to tell the person sitting opposite to us different things about ourselves.

So, they asked us: “What would you do with 1000 Euros?”

First I thought what every girl in the Western culture would think: “SHOP!”

But then I realised I probably wouldn’t do it. Of course I could go out and buy myself a beautiful dress I never wear or a new phone that will be out of fashion next year.

The girl opposite me said: “First of all, I’d go shopping! And I’d buy my cousin loads of Hello Kitty stuff because she loves that and my mother wants a massage chair. Oh yes and I’d donate about 200 to charity.”

I told her that I would save it. As boring as it sounds, but the little money I have is quite precious to me. So I’ll try to make it more. But the more I get, the less I want to spend it.

I might have mentioned that I want to found an organisation that helps victims of domestic violence. I know that in this world 1000 Euros won’t get me that far. But you know, add a little every year, leave it in the bank for a few years…I might get a little something that would finance my plans for the future.

It’s a dreamy plan, but you know, I think it’s better than to spend it all on one euphoric shopping spree.

One day I won’t fit those clothes, won’t use that phone, I’m too young to buy a car, don’t really need anything in specific.

So, what you would you do with 1000? It doesn’t have to be Euros, could be Dollars or Pounds or…the equevalent you know.

I won’t tag anybody because I don’t know enough people, really. But I would like Daphne Probst and DL Aiden to participate if they like 🙂

Have a nice day.


2 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. I’m with you – I don’t need the latest cell phone or a $1000 handbag. A few years ago I would have said ‘use it to pay off debts.’ However, I am lucky enough that I don’t really have any debts anymore. So now what would I do with an extra $1000? Boringly, probably just put it in the bank and let it grow. I don’t NEED anything.

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