Data on demand – Am I a computer now?

In school, we learn many things.

In school, you learn things for life.

Now, where’s the problem there? Exactly, it’s too much to keep for life.

A friend told me that intelligent people forget a lot, because their brain can no longer decide what is important and what isn’t.

Of course, we only use only 10 % of our brain, but unless you send every student on earth to some brain expansion project, we are still constantly trying to process knowledge and see where it goes.

In school I now have Chemistry, English, German, French, History, Politics, Maths (grr), Sports, Theatre and Ethics.

This year we will be writing 4 exams for each subjects, with exception of Sports and Theatre, because they do it differently. So that’s 4 times 8.

That’s 32 exams in one school year. And I’m not counting presentations and homework.

I’m familiar with the concept that we learn something as a basis to learn something else. Sounds fine.

My weakest subject is definitely maths, so I have the most trouble remembering things there. In the maths exam yesterday we used what we’d learned in the past few weeks and also what we learnt a year or two ago. But the teacher had reminded us that we might need. What we never once did was how to draw a graph by just looking at the equation. I did that about 3 years ago and I vaguely remember now that I was reminded of it. But how am I supposed to remember that, in the middle of a maths exam I’m pretty sure I’ll fail anyway, when I’m concentrating on 10 other things at the same time? My brain is not an online library with a search engine.

My brain is more like a real, old, dusty library with lots and lots of books full of important or unimportant facts. But to find the right book, you either have to get pretty lucky or search for days.

I didn’t have days. I had 90 minutes.

And well, another thing they told us at the beginning of the year was that we couldn’t do the so-called “bulumia-studying” anymore. That means we can’t learn for a test and then forget it all. At 32 tests a year – can you give me another method. Of course I try to study so that I remember most of it afterwards. But as I said, my brain is not an online library with a search engine. No video on demand, no “popping into the head at the right moment.” No!

And the worst thing are the teachers who moan at their students that they don’t remember what they did 3 years ago! Do you remember what you did 3 years ago?

I thought I’d heard a quote once that was similar, so I’ll just change it around a bit.

I don’t think my maths teacher is a bad person, I believe he just made many bad choices in life.

Please excuse my regular outbreaks of how much I dislike school sometimes and how little sense the system makes. I just hope that in 4 years, nobody will ask me how to draw a stupid curve in a cross!


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