Habites – Day twenty and two

I was about to tell you that all I did was nibble today, until I bit one of my nails. Luckily though it’s still quite long and I’m more focused on not biting now.

I think, when I’m stressed I check that I don’t bite or nibble, but when I’m in a neutral mood I don’t really realize. So basically, my guard must be up at all times!

But generally my nails are growing, which is good. This Habites Blog project is really helping, even if it’s slow.


Ps. Fencing was good. Before I got there though, a lot happened.

Suddenly my back, my arms and my feet started aching (fear or something), the bus was late, the other bus after that one was late, we got into a traffic jam, I missed the bus stop, I got lost.
Half an hour later that estimated, I finally got there – but they were very friendly and welcoming, even though it was terribly exhausting and I’m now yawning for infinity.

I’m not convinced, but haven’t decided against it either. So we’ll see 🙂


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