Like going back in time

So, I’ve decided to go to fencing tonight – I think.

Thing is, I feel like it’s monday evening, coming home from sport, getting ready to go to fencing in Switzerland.

Except that it is thursday and I didn’t already have sport today, but it’s that exact same feeling. That tired, slightly anxious feeling, wondering if I will be successful or a complete failure.

I think I’ll have a coffee, because I am tired – why? Why do I always get tired before I go and do some kind of sports? Is it my body telling me: No, you’re really bad at sports, just forget and we’ll both be happy! Or is it a sort of fear of failure?

I’m not the kind of person who will try a sport and excel at it immediately. I’m just not. And even though I might have fenced before, that won’t change anything.

I will go, because I might regret it if I don’t – but – oh! I’ll have a coffee now. Have a nice day 🙂


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