A book of myths

Envelopes; how I hate them. As soon as you’ve closed them you can’t open them again if you want to change something. Why? Well, because society says so, of course.

But I love them too. I love envelopes that aren’t mine. See, I can’t open them, but I don’t know what might be inside them either.
An unopened, blank envelope with no sender address – that’s one of the best things that can happen to a mystic like me.

What could be hiding inside it? A letter from an old friend? Or a stranger? What story stands behind that envelope – in that envelope?

But we won’t open it. Firstly, because society says so, of course. And secondly because reality can be so dull and un-intriguing. Let’s keep it a fantasy.

Yes, let’s go on fantasizing about what may or may not be, have been, will be.

I have a proposal to make: Take an object, any object that awakes a kind of fascination in you, like an envelope for example, and create a myth around it, a story.

So then together we can create so many myths around every day lives – maybe reality won’t be all that dull anymore.

A stapler is a stapler. Or is it a stapler?
I don’t know that many people on WordPress yet, however I challenge EVERYONE to join. If you write a myth, challenge more people to write one. We are a consumer society, people. There are enough objects to fantasize about.

So for now I challenge:







One thought on “A book of myths

  1. Thank you for the challenge; I have another post in the pipeline right now, but I would like to take you up on this when I have the chance…

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