Randomly, some random thoughts

There are a few things I’d like to write about, but properly won’t fill a whole post.

  • Who decides if a book is good or not? There are so many competitions or prizes for books. Mostly the jury is an assembly of highly noted literates who studied this and that and won this and that themselves, no one has to have heard of them. I don’t know if you know Friedrich Schiller, but he’s a very famous German author who lived about 200 years ago, around the same time as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Both of them are counted as “classics”. But why? I don’t really like Goethe’s poems, I apologise to every German professor in the world, but they are so pretentious, have no real feeling. And Schiller, well, he wrote some very long plays. But not only did he write long plays, he wrote long dialogues – they were so long, I imagine by the time the actor got to the end of his “speech” the audience had forgotten the first part of it. This, by the way, brings me to part two.
  • It seems that every book we have to read in school due to the curriculum turns out to be a drag. We read “Bend It Like Beckham” a few years ago in english class. I mean, why chose a book everybody has seen on film anyway. Not only had I seen it on film, but it annoyed me because the author (over 40-rule) used a slang spoken by the youth of London. I just didn’t believe her and at that point I didn’t know who the author was. And well, right now we are reading Schiller’s rendition of Joan of Arc and oh my goodness why? People didn’t even talk that way 200 years ago or not 600 years ago. Nobody holds speeches like that when they are supposed to be having a vibrant conversation. Nobody!
  • My third point: It is quite hard finding an organisation that does something. Most organisations start petitions and inform people about the situation, but nobody actually interferes, do they? I want to do a voluntary year in the “Human Rights” field. I was thinking about joining Amnesty International, but it seems they do a lot to raise awareness, but I don’t if that’s enough for me.
    I don’t want to go gather information, take a picture and then go home, leaving the people in need in the same situation as they were before. Maybe I do have to study politics – no matter how much it will bore me. I guess it’d be for the greater good – ough -.-
  • I need to be angry or somehow frustrated to write the story I’m working on. Longterm that might lead to depression, but the bigger problem is actually getting angry and frustrated at the same time I have access to a computer and my USB-Stick. I’ve just hit a scene that’s hard to pass and I need to get over it somehow. But thing is I’m an optimist, not even having my phone shattered into little pieces really pissed me off for a long time, maybe an hour or so. Now I’m happy waiting for things to get sorted out and using a phone without touchscreen. I sort of like the phone, because it tells me if people have received the message I sent them. That’s always good to know.
    However, I think I have to find another way to write the story, even without being frustrated.
  • Maybe I was a guy in my past life. I’m not afraid of spiders or snakes or mice (how can you be afraid of a mouse?) or rats. I think reptiles of any kind are really interesting. I like wearing these wide gentleman trousers, like chinos, but wide – wide chinos. I shop in the mens departments sometimes, because it’s cheaper and looks cool. I prefer short haircuts. And besides, if I wear loose enough things nobody would notice that I have lady features. Okay, my face is female and I don’t have a beard, but as I said, my last life.
  • Muffins are awesome.

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