Habites – Day twenty and seven dwarves

I ought to write my Habites post before watching a BRILLIANT film, but that would be cheating. So here I stand before you and admit that I did bite my one fingernail.

I watched Snow White and the Huntsman. Did I mention that it is brilliant?

When I saw it in the cinema I was sceptical, since it was Kristin Stewart aka Bite me, Bella in the role of Snow White. But I have to say she did quite an amazing job. But did Charlyze Theron get an Oscar for this film? Because she should for that performance! What I love about the movie is that it’s not so black and white, good and bad. You feel really sorry for the evil queen and oh I love the ending. I won’t tell too much, but let’s say: Go feminism! xD Oh and of course: Chris Hemsworth. And I’m pretty sure his good looks don’t cloud my judgement too much and I can say that he also did a great job at playing the sad, confused drinker, though I have to say he did keep up the loud grunting during fight scenes. Oh and all the time in the cinema my friend and I were wondering where we’d seen the courageous young prince before, played here by Sam Claflin.

About four weeks later I lay in my bed and sent her a text message at about two in the morning, but she didn’t mind.

He was in Pirates of the Caribbean four! The bible guy!!!

However enough of my babbling. Just two words: Watch it!

Unless you don’t like mind-games and violence – but if you don’t mind that and love pixies and awesome dwarves and Charlyze Theron: Watch it!


4 thoughts on “Habites – Day twenty and seven dwarves

    1. DO! Watch it! If you ask me, her english accent is actually convincing. At one point I’d forgotten she’s American to be honest. But you tell me, I don’t live in England.

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