Habites. Day Twenty-eight

I did not bite, did not nibble, did pick, but still! YAY

I’ve just come home from a Fun. concert and it was so great! But let’s take it from the top, shall we? 😛

So, we got off at the wrong station, then by the time we got there, there was a long queue that didn’t seem to be moving. Since we weren’t allowed to take or own drinks in with us, I drank a 0.5 litre bottle of water before hand and I really needed the toilet. So when we finally got inside, there was this really long queue in front of the ladies’ toilets…so…I went into the mens toilets, which was empty.

*A short interval with dramatic music, drums and violin in perfect, passionate harmony*

It was an experience of a life time! So I hurried in, did my business as fast as I could and was almost done, when a guy walked in well, did his thing in the urinal, which was directly in front of the closed off toilet that I was in. So I waited, but then more came. One was whistling happily as he let his liquids flow and then farted. And all that time I was standing in the toilet, behind a locked door, trying not to make a sound. At one point I thought they’d all left and I snuck out, but two of them were washing their hands.

But they were friendly rockers. I like rockers, they are such open-hearted people. They even told me where to dry my hands, since there was no more paper left.

So my slice of wisdom for today: Ladies; it’s easy enough to get in the men’s toilet – but good luck getting out again.

Moving on, after a while, their support; Walk the moon, came on stage and boy are they good. I didn’t know their music before, but it was a very positive surprise. The lead singer had a wicked swing and was really into it, when all he did was play the keyboard. Okay, it was cool that they all some how played a drum from time to time. Great band, I certainly recommend them to happy people 🙂

Now, it took ages, as it does, for Fun. to come on stage, but when they did – they did! Nate, the lead singer, was wearing a jumper. Why?  Anyway he took it off after a few songs. I think he has Hyperactivity-Syndrome or something, because he was jumping around on stage like a monkey. In a good way, of course. It was awesome! Oh and when they began to play “One Foot” I screamed! Listen to it! It’s awesome! Luckily, they played some old songs, like “All the pretty girls” or “Barlights”. I prefer the old songs over the new ones, though they are all amazing. I think it has something to do with the hype. Well, but I suppose without the hype they had never come to Germany. So anyway the highlight was when they played the song I even began to listen to them. “At least I’m not as sad as I used to be” is the title, very long, but I love it! And you’ll love it, because I tell you so! And after they failed to sing some christmas songs in October, they played “The Gambler”, another amazing song from their old album “Aim and Ignite”.

I think I can’t even describe how amazing it was! It just was sooooooooo amazing! So amazing. Like…really amazing.

However, we then needed to get home. My friend stopped me from breaking into their tour-bus, which I was seriously considering, and we waited for the train, which wouldn’t show up. (Who parks a tour bus so obviously in front of a building?)

So as the train didn’t show, we got the subway, to a station in the middle of Frankfurt, then to the Main Station, then to another smaller station and THEN we finally got the right train that took us home. It was a long trip. All in all it took us about 2 hours to get home.

What do I conclude from this evening? Their songs are a thousand times better sung live! And don’t pee in men’s toilets unless it’s really necessary – and if you’re a guy.


2 thoughts on “Habites. Day Twenty-eight

  1. toll Post Laura. I laughed out loud at thinking of you in the mens toilet, and I think it is better that i did not know about the 2 hour train delay last night.

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