Habites – Day twenty and nine

I did well today, didn’t bite or nibble. So yay^^

Just now I was talking to my mum about going to London next summer. I always wanted to go to London, because it’s the Capital city of the place I thought I belonged, it’s the Home of Sherlock Holmes, it’s a place everyone has to have been once in their life. I want to go a city on West end and visit the British Museum, see Rosetta Stone. Maybe I’ll find some new inspiration. I always do when I travel.

I’m talking about this because my mother said that if I let my nails grow I could go. She claims she doesn’t remember, but she said it!

Of course her and my moody sister don’t understand why London, but well, as I said. I’ve always wanted to go. Of course, I could get mugged or stabbed or…anything like that. But that could happen to me in Frankfurt. Last year I went to Sligo, where a girl had gone missing two years earlier. my mother knew that and let me go anyway. And hey, I survived 🙂

Besides, life’s too short to go hide safely in my room. And she let me go to Dublin, which is also a capital city and quite big too.

There are quite a few who say London isn’t that special. Maybe it isn’t. But will you please let me find out for myself please 🙂 Thank you


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