Habites – Day thirty – Hey, it’s month end!

I bit my thumb nail today…unfortunately, it’s constantly calling me. I might have to wrap a plaster around it.

And today something got me thinking.

Lately I’ve been stressing about what I’m going to study, who I’m going to be, where I’m going to live, what job I’m going to have.

Today the radio claimed that this year the number of homeless people has risen. We were sitting in the car and my family began to discuss that if they took a job like my sister (working shifts at the airport to earn a bit of money before university) they could afford to pay for a roof over the head. There’s plenty of work out there that will pay for a living. So then I thought; should I really be so picky? Shouldn’t I just start in an office somewhere, stop complaining about happiness and self-fulfilment. I ought to be happy I have the chance to get a sensible, secure education and a sensible, secure job that gets me a lot of money. I can’t expect life to hand me happiness aswell as a good income. If everyone wasn’t so picky, fewer people would be unemployment and more spots would be filled. Somebody has to do it…


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