How am I different from any other teenager?

Bullying is wide-spread. It happens in school and nowadays on the internet too.

I’ve learned that kids are cruel and school is like a jungle with a hierarchical system. There are the cool kids, the bullies, the victims and those who watch and don’t do anything.

Now I was bullied for three years for being foreign, being different, acting differently, being skinny and well, they would criticize everything they didn’t like about me, which was pretty much everything. I wasn’t the only one in my class, there were some others too who got bullied for who they were.

But guess what, we all turned out alright. The guy, who didn’t have as much money as others and was supposedly gay, since he had a more feminine streak in him now has a beautiful girlfriend and is as ambitious as ever. In fact, he is extremely intelligent and I’m sure he’ll bring it far in life.

And me, well I’m quite intelligent too you know. I’m still quite sensitive about my weight, but never did I consider hurting myself, nor did I hate myself and I didn’t decide to drop all of my principles by joining in with their cheap drugs and liquor.

It’s not easy to talk about it, since it’s not that long ago.
All I know is that those bullies won’t get anywhere in life. And it’s a shame to say I don’t even feel sorry for him.

I can almost laugh about it.

But I just don’t understand why people would hurt themselves, commit suicide in fact, because someone doesn’t like them. Of course it hurts, but there is an end to it and it’s called graduation. You know what? 15 years from now I’m going to be something, that’s what I always told myself, and him, well, he’ll be in the same place he started all that time ago.

Here’s a toast to individuality! To embracing your crazy sides! To finding people you feel comfortable with by being yourself, not someone else.

There are seven billion people on this earth. The number is growing. There will always be someone who will accept you as you are and that’s the only way it’s supposed to be.

And yet, type in “if you really knew me” into YouTube and you will find tonnes of videos of teens holding up cards, telling the world their story. First of all, I think that’s incredibly brave and I respect them for it, but It leaves me devastated. There is a reality TV show on MTV with that title that breaks down stereotypes and binds people together. I didn’t know that show, or those videos, existed up until now

How come so many teens, my age, who have barely seen the world, suffer from depression.

How come so many take the low road when something bad happens. Why are we not able to deal with these things and move on, grow stronger, not weaker, rise up, not fall down?
Has it always been that way and social media has made it possible to broadcast it over the internet or “Cyberbully”. Seriously, those bullies need to get a life  and a brain.

Life is not nice. Life is hard wherever you are. Of course I could compare my life to that of a child collecting trash for money in the slums of India, but I can’t ignore the things going on in western countries.

Have we gone soft? Can we not cope with the low’s in life anymore? How is it that our psyche can stand the stress and the pressure of our society? Is it the media, the fashion world, modern education, modern family life, school? What is it? Or is it just us?

Me, I’m fine. My life has been quite normal up until now. Of course I could draw a big red circle, marking those years of bullying, but why should I? Do I not want to be happy? It seems we don’t.

I just wonder, why are there so many who can cope – and so many who can’t?


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