Habites – Day thirty and two and a wide eyed cat

I bit my thumb. Again. I will wrap a plaster around it and other endangered nails.


But anyway, something really weird just happened!

I believe in ghosts, you know. And when we moved into the house (it’s very woody) there was a lot of creaking going on and noises from the neighbor’s house I had to get used to ignoring.

So one night I was awake and heard footsteps in the hall and also, a little later, I heard to door to the kitchen (it’s a slide-door) open and close, open and close several times. That was really creepy. But up until now I’ve just said to myself it was the neighbors.

But just now, I’m home alone and singing to my cat (yes, THAT’s what I do when I’m home alone) Kitty, my cat, gets up, raises her head and her eyes grow HUGE and she just stared at the kitchen entrance, which was open, for 5 minutes. And if I moved in front of her, she would move her head and look past me at the kitchen.

After a while it became quite creepy, since she was uneasy and kept staring at the kitchen. It was a relief when she finally stopped.

So anyway: Theory of mine, the crazy one, I have a ghost in my kitchen.

Of course there is a rational explanation for it. But who wants rational if you can have ghosts?


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