My bucket list

I saw that Daphne Probst made a bucket list of all the things where she wants to travel (is that what is means anyway?) and yesterday I watched something on TV about Bali and I decided I want to go there.

So here’s a list of all the places I’d like to visit.

  • America! – New York, Chicago, San Fransisco…and so on 🙂
  • Canada! – Since seeing the pictures on Patrick Latter’s blog I really ought to go for a walk in Canada. I have an aunt there too.
  • Bali! – It looks amazing, the culture, the religion, the nature. It’ll be one heck of a culture shock.
  • London! – You know why 🙂
  • New Zealand! – Well, there’s a guy in my english-drama class who spent a year there and his accent is so cool! But that’s not the only reason. It looks simply beautiful!
  • Austria! – I’ve lived in Switzerland and now in Germany, I ought to see Austria too. It might surprise me.
  • Australia! – I have relatives there and well, you ought to see the Tom Tom Crew 😛 It would be interesting to learn about the culture there too. Oh and I could learn to surf!
  • India! – Though I wouldn’t eat there 🙂 I can barely eat anything spicy.
  • Africa! – Though I wouldn’t know where. It would be later in life, since some regions can be quite dangerous for white females.
  • Who hasn’t been to Ireland has to go! The people are so friendly, the architecture in Dublin is great and well, good luck counting sheep.

So for now that’s all 🙂 Though I think there will be many more places I’d like to see someday.


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