Yeh, no idea what this post is supposed to be…

This post emanates from my frustration about some of the Greats of German literature (they weren’t that great) and a previous post of mine.
Since I don’t how to link posts and all that, you’ll just have to look for the post: “How am I different from other teenagers?”

I know, it’s a strange combination, but here I go.

So, in our day and age we have many people who think they’re a god-given gift to the world. Yes, there’s enough who take a dozen pictures of themselves for now actual reason, but just because they like looking at themselves. I actually spent the afternoon looking at someone’s pictures on their Facebook page – with that person.

And there are enough people who have a lot of confidence in what they do. That’s fine.

So, these days there is a stronger middle class, I’d say, since there are hardly any aristocratic members of society. Of course you can differentiate between different income and different life-styles that define how “high” you are in society.

Well, I wasn’t alive in the 18th century, but just now I was reading an excerpt from Friedrich Schiller (one of those great German writers) and he was saying how he wants to strip the reader of all of the chaos of his time and reveal pure humanity in combination of truth and beauty.

Anyway, if you didn’t understand that, that’s fine, because my point was that he seems so pretentious! I find that you can tell by the someone’s style of writing who they are. Or at least a part of them. And well, I think he’s just pretentious and thinks he knows it all. I’m sorry, but I think I’ve had enough of his noble words and endless sentences and his quotes from greek mythology. I realize that at the time writers were like rockstars and they had to be incredibly educated, but well, I can’t bear it anymore!

I’m not going to get back to my point that it’s a point of view if a book is good or not.

No, my point is, that maybe we have less self-esteem these days. I don’t know if it has to do with that big middle class we have today that we’re all part of. Now I won’t go all sciency on you, because I have no idea whatsoever. So maybe people have lower self-esteem when they earn less and live in a lower social standard, because basically, humans are always thriving for something better, aren’t we?

Maybe what I’m saying makes no sense whatsoever and that’s ok. Because I’m 17 years old and every thought of mine is invalidated by the next thought. So deal with it.

I’m sort of missing my own point here.

So, referring to my post “How am I different from other teenagers?”, is depression more public today? Or is it really the case that more of us are closer to the illness?

Okay so let’s assume the latter is true. Why?

By the way, my friend who had the birthday on monday convinced me to go a Tyler Ward concert tomorrow and here’s a video with a suitable message.

So in the video people say how they are afraid of failing, for example. Maybe depression develops out of the pressure that independence puts on us.

Or well, maybe it’s puberty. A time when we start to find ourselves in this massive world and get confused through all the idols and the models and the popular kids at school or the question of our existence and so on.

I can’t count all the things that came into consideration when I was trying to find myself – well I still am. My self-esteem goes up and down and all over the place and yes I’ve felt down and I’ve though to myself – Oh, if I had that those boobs…

But you know, I’ve come so far to realize that I will never be anyone else but me.
So I don’t understand why so many people feel so sorry for themselves.

I’m not saying you should accept your situation, but we are so easily unsatisfied. We are so quickly complaining about our own bodies, our job, our state of relationship, you name it.

I’m sorry this post is so random, but I’ve been slightly confused the last few days and well, as I said, deal with it.

Unfortunately I’m not sure when this will end.

So anyway, maybe I’ll make a new post on the subject…one that’s a little more…specific.

Last words: Don’t moan, it could be worse. Only you can be the best you aaaaand rock on 🙂


I’m so confused…

2 thoughts on “Yeh, no idea what this post is supposed to be…

  1. there is an expresiion ” if everyone threw thier problems into a heap in a room, and saw everybody elses, they would take their own back as quickly as they could” or something like that in any case. There is always somebody worse off, and so yes, we should be thankful for what we have and get on with it 🙂

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