Impressions of a Tyler Ward concert

Now, last night, on the 24th of october 2012, in Frankfurt Tyler Ward and friends took to the stage!

With friends I mean: Eppic (a rapper), Black Prez (a rapper), Alex G (A singer with amazing voice and hair) – Joe and Josh, playing guitar and bass, I think  – and Shaun Reynolds (a British singer).

Now all of them were on stage, except Shaun Reynolds…which was sort of mean, I thought, but more to that later.

So, we got there and thought: “Oh, it’s only six p.m, they will hardly be people waiting.” Well, we were wrong.

But still we ended up standing quite close to the stage, which can carry some breath-taking consequences.

As I went down to the cloakroom, I saw something: A yellow sign with “Shower, Tyler Ward” written on it…

I was slowly moving towards it, when a great big Turkish guy came out and grinned at me saying: “No, no.” With a sigh I returned to the actual concert hall, so much for that secret mission.

We were standing from 7.10 p.m until 10.40 p.m and the concert started at 8 p.m. I didn’t understand why people didn’t just sit down. I did try for a bit, but it was hard not to get tread on by all the excited fans.

First one to open the show was Black Prez, who was wearing the same jacket I have at home (yes, I shop in the men’s section sometimes). He was joined by Eppic later and then this whole Hip Hop…thing began. You know at Hip Hop concerts when the “Beat drops”, your arm drops too and you make this robotic up and down movement with your whole arm. Well, Eppic told us to do it and then ALL the arms went, unleashing all the smelly arm pits. I’m telling you the smell was awful!

I’m not into Hip Hop, so unlike everyone else, I couldn’t ignore the terrible arm-pit-stench. I wanted them to stop! I could not survive a whole Hip Hop concert. Ew.

But then (yay) Alex G came on stage and she is just adorable. I’d seen her before in videos and she looks just as perfect in real life. And she was really communicative. We told her we liked her hair and she was really flattered and responded to all the shouts from the audience. She played us some originals and a medley of her covers, which was awesome 🙂 Yay.
And then it was time – after a long break of rearranging the tech-stuff – for Tyler Ward to enter our sight.

A quick side comment: Why do the main artists always take so long to get their butt on the stage? We don’t have chairs and some of us have low blood pressure. I mean, after a while it’s not: “Oooh when is he coming? I’m so excited!”, but: “Get a move on, we don’t all day! This building closes at 11!”
The artists before the actual Artist (in this case Alex G, Eppic and Black Prez) stirred up quite the atmosphere, but that’ll be gone by the time his or her highness has stepped onto the stage. They’re musicians, not some god-like creatures.

However, Tyler Ward: Perfect hair, came out bouncing and jumping and dancing. Yes, he made a good show! (I have to say I didn’t know any of the originals, since it was my friend who had so desperately wanted to go). The songs were good, he brought out the other artists from time to time and they did some head-banging, even though Alex G was the only one with long hair. They did a few medleys (those I could join in with) and there was a lot of contact with the audience from Tyler too, which was cool. Due to the lighting he could hardly see us though. At one point they did Gangnam-Style and Party Rock Anthem, which was cool, since everyone knew the lyrics and also the dance.
Unfortunately the audience was loud, but a bit stiff. There were about four of us (my friend and I and two girls we met there) dancing and bouncing and all that (on girl was wooing at everything xD). I think the atmosphere could have been better. But still, it was good enough.

Towards the end of it I was sort of feeling dizzy. We had  been squashed forward and it was now really tight. I was hot and dizzy and the loud music began to make my head hurt. I sat down a few times, as well as I could. When they finished and left the stage, after a long speech of how dreams are possible (which was very touching and empowering), everyone yelled and clapped for more – I’d personally had enough since I was close to fainting^^

But they came back for another two or three songs, then finally, it was over.

All in all it was a good concert, I suppose it would have helped had I REALLY wanted to go myself  because I absolutely adored their music, like at the Fun. concert, for example. Otherwise there is really little point in standing for three hours amongst a group of squashed, sweaty people.

But that’s not all for today, children 🙂

On the way out we went to get a T-shirt for my friend and Shaun Reynolds, who wasn’t on the stage…looked at us and said: “Hi!” and I replied: “Hi!” He came to realize that I had no idea who he was 🙂 But I told him he didn’t know who was either, which is a fair point, he agreed.

After the concert we waited like silly groupies for an autograph. I got one from Alex G ❤ and Tyler Ward 🙂 and my friend had her picture taken with those two and Black Prez, who she loves. Also, we wrote them a poem while we were waiting and gave it to Alex G. The weird thing is, I wasn’t even nervous! It was more like: “I’m here, Alex G is here, Tyler is here and Black Prez is here. Cool, man.” And Black Prez is really cool actually, because he came out of the secured area and took pictures with the fans on the pavement, which is really down-to-earth, if you ask me. So yay him 🙂

So those were my impressions of the concert last night 🙂 Yay sweat!






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