A gift for my best friend

Now, that sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

Well, the thing is I’m talking about my best friend in Switzerland. We’ve known each other since we were little and our friendship has stayed just as strong as it used to be. Except now, we hardly ever see each other.

She is hopefully coming up in January (YAAAAAY!). Her birthday is in December, so I’ll be getting her something as a birthday and christmas present – but what?

When I lived in Switzerland we didn’t see each other that often, we met up once a month or so and in the holidays more often. We went on holiday together once too. Then, I would always know – or discover it within a month – what she was into and what she up to nowadays.

Thing is, now I live in Germany we might see each other once or twice a year and a lot can happen. I’m not sure if she still dances ballet and I’m certain that sausages and fries aren’t her favorite dish anymore. But I don’t know what she likes at the moment. I know what kind of music she likes and what kind of clothes she wears – thank god.

But I’ve realized it’s hard to give someone a personal gift when you’re only a distant part of their life.

Another thing is that I don’t know what she already has and what not. I have to ask her, which is not at all obvious…

Well, wish me luck that somehow I find the perfect gift for my best friend 🙂


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