Number 23 – The stupid reprise

Maybe you remember that post up there. It was about a making a decision. It was about food though.

Now, me, I’m very indecisive. I can’t decide on the food I want or what clothes to buy (of if I should buy them at all) or what to do today or what to cook. All of those things would take ages if I didn’t tell myself: “It’s not such a big deal, you can do it differently next time. Whatever you chose will  be fine.”

I chose my new glasses last week and it took me absolutely ages to find something. Only with the help of the optician did I finally decide on the model I was going for anyway.

And when we were chosing a name for our newly born cat – we just called her Kitty for the time being. But since she isn’t very big the name could stay. But you should have seen the endless discussions.

However, coming to my main point: University.

I used to want to be an actress and I would tell everyone! Then I saw a presentation by this actor who said that if you make it, it will take you years! And if you have doubts right now, well, you’re not fit for the job.

After that I lost my faith in my future acting career and wondered what else I could do.
I thought about psychology for a while, decided it had too much maths in it and science and thought about journalism.
Now, my I’ll-save-the-whales-Ex-boyfriend awoke the activist streak in me. I support anyone who’s trying to protect nature and the sea – but my area of interest are human rights and well, their violation.
I thought about founding an organisation to prevent domestic violence and well, I still want to.

But I’ve also realised that organisations take pictures and gather information – They don’t do much, really. Of course they raise awareness and that’s good. But that’s not enough for me.
I thought about studying sociology and politics – maybe I could influence the law.

Thing is, I have this major goals – but I don’t know how to work towards them.

So lately I’ve also been looking at theatre jobs, since I’ve always found it fascinating; the costumes, the masks, the rehearsal rooms, all those creative looking people and just the mere atmosphere of it. I love it.

I’ve been looking at Studies like Acting and Directing, because I’ve noticed in my Drama class in school that I like to take over.

I think I’d enjoy it a lot and since I’m not in it for the money.

But then again I always think to myself that I ought to do something meaningful in life, leave this world a better place.

But how?

Oh, how I hate decisions!







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