Habites – Day forty

My numbers may be high, but my success is not 😦

Today was worse than yesterday – the bitten thumb got bitten some more.

I don’t know why my determination has gone down. Maybe I’m too used to it by now or my conscience switches sides once in a while and says: “Hey, what the heck.”

I nibbled on my little finger’s nail too, but I didn’t bite it. Tomorrow, as a necessary precaution I might put plasters on all of my fingers. I can’t trust myself at the moment.

As a weak excuse I have to say: Today was a crappy day.

1) It was the first day of school.

2) It’s monday: I have 11 hours of school and no lunch break, two of those lessons are chemistry, two are (dadaam) maths.

3) I had maths and I couldn’t get the equation right, no matter how many times I tried. Oh and my maths teacher applied his favorite sentence to the lesson: “If you don’t know that, you can forget your Abitur!”
(A-Levels or whatever the equivalent form is).

4) We got our German tests back today. I had 9 points, but still. Before he gave us the tests back he went through the whole poem that we had had to interpret and told us what was right and most importantly what was wrong. I hate it when teachers do that. Just give me the damn test!

5) This whole day (especially German) made me rethink my educational path, dropping out of school and learning to be a humble silver smith with a mysterious background story. That sounds far more interesting than dragging myself to the same building every day where people tell you that you’re not going to make it while you answer some question nobody cares about anyway.

6) As on a monday I have 6 hours I have to take many book, which makes my bag very, very heavy. I overslept this morning and my mum drove me to school so I would make it on time. I had to walk. I seriously have back ache now.

Yes, I’m allowed to moan too from time to time -.-


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