Have a nice meal

Some may describe a dinner together as a happy tradition type of thing, a time to talk and maybe to discuss, a place where the whole family comes together.

But is it really?

Maybe it’s a place where the parents let off their steam from work or maybe it’s just food. People eat their dinner – one of them is on a diet – and then get back to their business.

Well, that’s the way it mostly is at our table. My father slurps everything down, leaving bits hanging on his chin, my mother slags off all the bad things that happened


at work, my sister is in a bad mood and I just want to get it over with.

Sometimes we do have some fun times, but lately it’s just been moody on all sides. So anyway that –>

is not the way we look during dinner time, because everyone is tired and frankly, pissed off by something.

I wrote this post because things have been pretty un-cozy lately and we just had lunch and it went without a word. And I still feel hungry.


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