OMG 100 posts!

It turns out my fourtythird Habites-Post was my hundredth post in total! I was planning on doing something special for post 1oo, but oh well, tough luck 🙂

So, this means, right, that my Habites posts take up 43% of my entire postings? (If that turns out to be wrong that’s really embarrassing). Anyway, if, it’s true…that’s a lot. It shows that half of my postings are pretty…not-deep…superficial 🙂 and well the rest is maybe, maybe not deep and thoughtful.

Oh well, you know – so what? This blog has really helped me in many aspects – my nails, yes and also letting of some steam about how incapable this world in sooo many areas of expertise (or non-expertise).

For example at the moment I get the feeling the box of Pandora has opened all over again – all over the world, pacing its way into our homes. And let’s face it. That sucks.

It makes me want to shake people, telling them to just stop! But see, that’s the problem: Violence and arguments don’t bring peace, no, they bring even more violence and arguments. So instead everyone just stays silent, waiting for Pandora’s box to close again – which is not going to happen, at this rate. Somebody has to do something effective.

No, actually: EVERYONE has to do something effective, something that will solve some of the bugging problems and bring a little more peace and quiet. I get, that people love drama, but then they should try writing a soap opera or star in one. There are plenty of them, after all.

So, getting back to the hundredth post thing: My blog may not have taken off like some other ones (great ones!!) and I haven’t won any prizes. I never win any prizes. But you know, as the wise Buzz Lightyear from the infamous Toy Story said:

“Never give up, never surrender!”

and I will try to use that quote for other parts of life, just like for my blog. It seems you’ll have to put up with my weird several daily posts, which are, it seems, 80% random, for quite a bit longer 😉

After all, 100-year-old grannies talk a lot when they still have their teeth.


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