Habites – Day forty and four

Buona sera amigos (I realise that I might be mixing Italian and Spanish, but it doesn’t matter because I don’t speak either one of those languages)

Sooo I nibbled, but it’s not that bad really. I need to grow more self-control (can I grow it? Like; in a garden?) and cut back on the nibbling. I’m trying, I’m trying.

It might have to do with the adjustment of going back to school again. Maybe I should just put plasters on all of my nails every time I make an adjustment – though that won’t find me any new friends 🙂 Oh well, I’m terribly tired, have been since school started again and well, that’s why I’m typing the way I talk – like a waterfall!

Oh and I’m a geek – without the computer knowledge.

I always do my homework (no, I don’t, but, well I used to), but one thing I never do skip school.
Everybody has done it! Everybody stayed home and let their parents write a sick note when they simply couldn’t be bothered. There are people who do it on a regular basis.

But I don’t. And I can’t. First, I can’t afford it because I get sick a lot (and I won’t say when I was sick the last time because then I might get sick again. My immune system is listening). And secondly, I feel bad about it. I feel bad for the teacher, because nobody wants to attend their lesson, which is the thing they live off! And well, I don’t like getting into trouble. I hate it! One time the whole class decided to go home because we had several free lessons and then one lesson of politics (you couldn’t call that real schoolwork), so I went home aswell. But I hated it and was angry at my friends for making me do it and angry at myself for letting them make me do it! AAH! And today everyone went home for drama, because we were told that it’s not on today. But they told us – there are three classes of drama – that if one teacher was missing or two, then the students still had drama with the remaining teacher. I knew that and so did they, but well, I’m the only one of my group who stayed in school, because I didn’t have the courage to go home.

I got a big plus though 🙂 Haha



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