Habites – Day forty and MI6

Had I been to see the new James Bond film “Skyfall” tomorrow and if today was day forty-seven, I’d have called it: Habites – forty – 007: License to nibble.
Why? Because I’m that funny, of course.

So first off, it was a good day. I did nibble my thumb – but it went better than it could have.

My tip for a nail-biter when watching a film: Popcorn! Popcorn saved my nails!

What can I say about the film without spoiling it?

Hm, well, the intro and the song by Adele were almost the best part of the movie, because it was so artistic and so … epic! (Considering I’m trying to reduce my usage of that word you can imagine just how epic it really was!)

And well, of course good old Bond had to break everything and sleep with lots of women and kill everyone. But – oh I can’t say too much – go watch it! It’s a solid, good film!

But you should wait a few weeks until all the important giggly people have seen it and have more space in the cinema.

And if I hadn’t had those un-popped popcorn corns – just corns, you know – my nails would be gone by now. I needed something to bite and to process with my teeth, like a little child 😛

Have a nice evening. Tomorrow I’ll probably be telling you again how much I hate Mondays – and maths 🙂


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