Habites – Day forty and five

I’m late, I’m sorry.

Our wireless Lan modus…thing turns off at midnight and until then I’d forgotten. I don’t really have an excuse. I was just having a nice time with my sister and my family. It helped that our parents were out for the start of the evening because my father makes these really annoying comments, stating the obvious or being insensitive.

My nails: Didn’t bite them, didn’t nibble – did pick. But all in all it was a good day.

The next post shall be more timely 🙂

And I had a great dream by the way. We were at some kind of event with different famous acts and my friend had somehow managed to get me on the stage. So in last-minute I was deciding on the songs I was going to sing (we were practicing in the garden of my neighbors in Switzerland). So then the presenter who looked like Luciano Pavarotti came on stage and said it was very rare that a commoner entered this stage and that they say I’m the modern Barbra Streisand (At time I didn’t know what she sounds like). I woke up as I walked onto the stage.

I’m listening to Barbra Streisand’s “Somewhere” and well, that’s not what I sound like 🙂

You know I get nervous on stage. Not in acting, then I just lose myself in the performance. But if I have to look at people, I need a moment. That’s why, though I take singing lessons (classic) I couldn’t imagine a life as a singer. But I would like to have one gig before a lot of people, just once.I learn aswell that I can sing when I’m dead, becausee Pavarotti the presenter said I was the gig before Elvis Presley…hm…

Anyway,  now that I’ve outed myself as a singer with stage-fright why don’t you tell me your dreams and hopes and fears, ey? 🙂

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