She woke shivering – the outcome of a writing challenge

Quite a while ago, before I had this blog, I would post on my mother’s blog once or twice.

Her blogging community does this 16-minutes writing challenge. You get 4 prompts and 4 minutes for each prompt. When your 4 minutes are up, you move on the next one. You don’t have much time to think since you don’t know what the next prompt will be. So when I joined in the first time, this came out.

Last night was a blur. Smiling faces, loud music, distracting noises. Everybody had seemed so welcoming at first. Everything had seemed alright before the smiles disappeared and the lights went out. Now, at about 5 a.m. in the morning, she woke shivering, wrapped in the rags she used to call her clothes.

Her head hurt, her stomach moaned and her legs ached, as she stood up from the cold hard ground. She wrapped her rags around herself tighter and opened the heavy door in front of her. She couldn’t see or hear anyone, so she quietly tiptoed down the empty corridor. She arrived at the next door, listened and pushed it open. There was no one in the next room either, just a small, thin, grey cat. It looked at her and licked its lips. She took a step forward to see what the cat had been eating. And when she saw it, she stared with disgust. The cat returned to eat out of its bowl. A bowl of maggots.

Feeling sick, she fled the room and stepped out onto the open street. The sun was still rising, the air was dry and her footsteps echoed through the lanes. She walked, barefoot, through the usually so lively city, even at 5 in the morning. But it seemed, that the streets were completely deserted. She couldn’t even find a stray cat or dog. She started to wonder, if this wasn’t real, even though she could feel the cold and hard floor beneath her.

She arrived at the lake, where a boat seemed to be leaving. She hurried to see who was steering it. „Wait!“ she shouted, her voice echoed in the emptiness. Then, suddenly, started to slow down and bobbed about on the open water. She watched silently. After a while, a little figure appeared from under deck and walked towards her. The closer the figure came, the better she could see, who it was. It was a little girl, with shiny brown hair and a content smile. She wondered what a little girl was doing steering a boat. She made an attempt to say something, but then the little girl climbed over the railing and jumped. She ran onto the jetty and looked into the water, but the little girl was nowhere to be seen. Then she noticed that her feet were wet, the water was rising. It rose and rose until she had no more air to breath. The water filled her lungs and the lights went out.

She woke shivering…


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