Trains – A funny story actually

Today I missed two trains.

When I say that it was a slow day that means my mind was working at an exceptionally low strength today.

It all started last night, I think, when I had an idea for an article that wouldn’t let me go until I wrote it down.
So then I came home from school today. I only had two lessons in total and I was in fact quite alert then.

I got home, had lunch and then my friend texted me and we decided to take the train at 12.53 p.m. to Frankfurt main.
I got ready and then decided it was cold. So I made a fire that took a while to get going. I took the bike to the station since it was too late to walk.

I must have drifted off into my daydreams – because I missed the train. I can’t actually remember my way to the station anymore. (And yes, day-dreaming is a hobby of mine).

I called my friend and she said she would get off at the next station and get on the next train, in which I would be waiting. That sounded like a good plan!

Now, I said to myself that I would get into the second wagon of the train. I got into the first one and told her I was in the second one.
That’s me – but different. I don’t wear suits, I have brown, not grey hair and well – I’m not going to tell you about all the other differences between this gentleman and me, because I think you know…

So at the next stop, I realised she would get in the first one and (at the time I thought it was the most rational thing to do) got out of the train and ran to the first wagon.

But the train wouldn’t wait and left the station without me.

So confused, wanting to laugh and cry at the same time, I called my friend and well, she laughed at me. I took the train, finally, at 13.26 p.m. and we met in Frankfurt.
We managed to get the train back – together.


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