Cravings-to-go – Numero Tre

So the day started well 🙂 I didn’t bite or anything, unfortunately that changed.

I went to see a ballet today: Swan Lake. It was a production of Michelle’s aunt and Michelle was in it too. The performance was good, you could tell who’s been dancing for long and who hasn’t, they had little kiddies, they were cute, even though they weren’t perfect, of course.

Michelle (I posted the link to her Twitter page, but I’m so bad at tagging it can’t redirect to the page) had only a small role because she was filling in for someone who moved away on short notice, but she was great! I’m serious when I say that she looked incredibly graceful and danced beautifully. (Today was the first time I saw her dance properly).

There were two things that irritated me though.

Lately, I’ve been getting a bit unlucky with seatings. That means that I always get the seat with the most annoying people surrounding me. It wasn’t the little kiddies who couldn’t sit still next to me – it was the couple in front. The husband was massive in every direction, as long as he didn’t move, I could see most of the stage. But every 10 minutes or so – or every time the swan queen had a big scene especially, they would put their heads together and chatter. And if they weren’t putting their heads together, blocking my entire view unless I lent to my far, far right, the husband would take pictures, not only making that same annoying noise, but putting his elbow up to take pictures with his huge camera. Several times I felt like kicking them or ripping their heads off – luckily I’m a pacifist.

Now the second thing was a funny thing. The dancer playing the prince was a very good dancer, but well his first costume lacked seriousness. Maybe it was the fact he wore a light blue silk suit with glitter around it and a necklace, additionally he had bleached blond hair. He looked a lot like Ken, actually. In the second act he changed his outfit and it was all good again. But before I couldn’t take him seriously.

And the black swan in her first appearance (played by the same dancer as the white swan) was amazing, by the way. It was really beautiful.

But of course Michelle beat all the other girls by far in grace, concentration, beauty and not letting her mouth drop open when she’s trying to concentrate. And believe you me, that says a lot!

Oh yes anyway my point was I bit the skin around my thumb because I was annoyed with the couple in front of me. I will put a plaster around it permanently so it doesn’t get worse.

Have a nice evening 🙂


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